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ChipTorque has more than 30 years industry experience working with EFI systems. We specialise in diagnosis, custom dyno tuning, ECU remapping and providing quality products for a wide variety of makes and models.


Plug in Power, Torque and increased Drivability. Engineered for ease of use. Proudly Australian designed and manufactured.

OBDII Connection
Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Performance Metrics
Holden Performance Memcal

Our Performance Memcal improves and corrects ignition and fuel curves to deliver the best power and torque from your engine. Upgrading the factory ECU, as opposed to the use of an aftermarket ECU retains the factory driveability, particularly on light throttle and highway cruise, to deliver the best all round result in performance and economy.

SCT X4 Ford Flash Tuner

Store tunes for different modifications, fuel types and boost levels. Read and Clear DTC's, Data Log and Live Data Display

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We have been making Custom Performance Memcals for the factory Holden Delco ECU since the VL Walkinshaw and VN Commodore. We have built a library of over 6500 dyno based tunes, so we can supply a chip for just about any setup.

Our Ezy-FLASH Pro delivers plugin power for Subaru and Mazda turbo models. With built in high speed data logging, it allows detailed information to be gathered for accurate remote tuning where a dyno may not be available.