In the early 90’s finding EFI tuning solutions for the Australian market was near impossible. Our goal was to develop quality products to enable non-manufacturer based tuning for EFI performance enthusiasts.

In 1989 Lachlan Riddel (company founder) was awarded Queensland Apprentice of the Year (all trades) and received a scholarship with the Queensland Overseas Foundation. For 15 exciting and informative months he worked in England with an innovative company who specialised in aftermarket tuning.  In July 1993 Lachlan returned to the Gold Coast and ChipTorque was open for business.

We first tuned EPROM based engine management systems for Porsche, BMW etc. As the demand increased, support for the Toyota MR2, Celica GT4 and VL Commodore was added.

Later, we designed our Performance Memcals for the VN-VT Commodores and J3 chips for EEC4 and EEC5 Falcons. With our hardware and calibration experience, we then released expansion boards for the Subaru RS Liberty, WRX and SR20 engined Nissans. We worked out the map structure and locations as much as we needed and tuned them throughout Australia and Internationally.

In early 2000, the need to tune cars with locked ECU’s led to the development of our XEDE Processor. This enabled modifications to the 99/00 WRX, various Toyota models and was very popular in the US for the BMW 335i and 135i. As engine control technology advanced into faster flash based storage, we started to design a product for the Australian market that was compatible with these models. Originally designed the Mitsubishi EVO’s, the Ezy-FLASH moved to support the Mazda 3/6 MPS and Subaru turbo models.

Our current focus is to continue to provide easy to use plug-in solutions with reliable, quality tuning, bred from decades of experience.

Tuning Philosophy

Over the years we have seen everything from mild street cars to highly modified race cars. We have grown to learn that not everyone wants a big peak horsepower number, instead words like smooth, responsive, reliable, and safe are more commonly used. Because of this we don’t change settings to unrealistic levels but find the best usable gains to get real results. Wherever a limiting parameter in the tune can be adjusted rather than deleted, we tune it to retain as much engine and drive line safety as possible.

Every tune is vehicle specific to get the right tune for the right vehicle. We keep every tune file we write and whenever possible, factory tune files are read and stored in our archives so that if needed the vehicle can be returned to its factory settings.

Committed To Support

We aim to provide the most accurate programming possible with our products. However, we are also realistic and understand that not all vehicles and parts are the same and sometimes results are not as expected. When you buy a ChipTorque tuned product, you can trial it for up to a 2 week period from the purchase date.

If you are not satisfied during that time, please contact us to discuss if there is an improvement that we can make to your program. Depending on the issue and your location, we may need you to provide further information (eg. dyno graph, air fuel ratio, steps at idle, datalog, etc.) to assist us in making program improvements. If you are still unhappy, you can return the product in good working condition for a full refund of the purchase price*.

*The satisfaction guarantee covers the chip price only and does not include freight, installation, dyno time, labour, down time or any associated costs incurred consequently or inconsequently.