XEDE Processor

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The XEDE Processor is designed and made by ChipTorque for the purpose of tuning vehicles where the factory ECU can’t be modified/flashed directly.

The kit includes the XEDE Processor and XEDE Wire-in Harness. Base maps are supplied to suit your setup.

Choosing to buy directly from ChipTorque rather than a reseller offers cost savings, as it eliminates additional markups. Direct communication with the manufacturer ensures transparency, quicker issue resolution, and a deeper understanding of the product. Furthermore, dealing with the manufacturer allows for customization, providing a more personalized and efficient experience.

Please note: additional hardware may incur extra cost.  Contact us before ordering if you’re unsure or need a custom configuration.


The XEDE Processor is an interceptor style Engine Management System.  It generates changes in fueling and ignition timing by changing the factory ECU’s load and crank reference input signals to improve the factory tune, specifically to suit an aftermarket exhaust, engine modification or supercharger.

Additional functions include – electronic boost control, optional dual maps which can be changed at the flick of a switch while driving (e.g. High/Low boost or Power/Economy programs). Two stage intercooler water spray control or any on/off or PWM function for additional injector/s.

How It Works

The XEDE Processor is wired or connected into a vehicle’s factory wiring loom and intercepts the signals travelling to the ECU. By intercepting the crank reference signal it can advance or retard timing. By intercepting the load signals, e.g. analogue voltage of an Air Flow Meter, it can make the mixtures richer or leaner by giving a higher or lower load signal to the ECU.


Most factory parameters are retained

  • Cold start functions
  • Idle control
  • Knock sensor functions
  • Closed loop control
  • Limp home operating strategies
  • Fan and Air Conditioner controls
  • Immobiliser functions

Fast Tuning in Real Time
With multiple decades of experience tuning engine management systems from Australia, Europe and USA, Lachlan and his design team incorporated what they believe to be the best functions from the engine management systems at the time into the XEDE’s tuning software – XMAP. This means fast, intuitive, on-screen tuning in real time.

Base Tuning Maps Supplied
All XEDE Processors are supplied with a base map selected from ChipTorque’s program database based on the vehicle’s modifications. XMAP software can be downloaded for free and allows you to fully custom tune the vehicle’s parameters if needed

Not Processor Specific
Can be tuned to auto/manual, series1/series2 regardless of current software in the factory ECU.

Cost Effective Tuning Solution

  • No contracts/subscriptions
  • XMAP software available as a free download from ChipTorque’s website
  • Cheaper and easier than using an aftermarket engine management system
  • Can be tuned at any time, in the car, anywhere

Customer Support

  • Ongoing local R&D
  • Expanding product range
  • Installation & tuning phone support available


  • Support for hall and reluctor type crank and/or cam timing signals
  • 0.1 degree accuracy on timing adjustments
  • Support for analogue or frequency MAF and MAP/load signals
  • 0.1% fullscale accuracy on MAF, MAP and TPS adjustments
  • Two unique tuning map banks that allow optional setup for dual map operation
  • Internal Storage space for up to 12 tuning maps
  • Up to 400 adjustment points per tuning map
  • User configurable load and RPM axes, input and output variables, adjustment range, and math function for each tuning map to making tuning fast and accurate.
  • Minimum 100rpm breakpoints and 1% load point adjustability
  • Two high current outputs for boost control, water spray or auxiliary injector, etc.
  • Unit has a fully sealed, rugged and lightweight housing
  • User configurable data logging of XEDE signals using XMap (requires PC connection to XEDE during logging)
  • Live data display through XMap
  • Password protection for map data stored in the XEDE Processor using XMap