XEDE Processor


The XEDE Processor is an interceptor style Engine Management System. It generates changes in fueling and ignition timing by changing the factory ECU’s load and crank reference input signals to improve the factory tune, specifically to suit an aftermarket exhaust, engine modification or supercharger on vehicles that we cannot tune directly through the factory ECU.

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Product Information

The XEDE Processor integrates with an existing (usually factory) Engine Management System. The operation of the XEDE is to modify the signals (Voltage or Frequency and Crankshaft Reference signals) before the main PCM/ECU sees the signals.

By changing the values of these signals, the resultant outputs from the PCM will be changed. If, for example, we effectively reduce the voltage that the PCM sees on the MAP sensor wire at Full Load, the PCM will see a signal that equates to less load. Using this modified input signal, the PCM will open the injectors for less time as it expects the engine is under less load and therefore requires less fuel, thus leaning out the mixtures. Moving the crankshaft reference signal will move the ignition timing (timing advance).

The mail order kit includes:

  • XEDE Processor
  • XEDE generic wiring harness
  • Vehicle specific wiring diagram
  • Supplied with base tuning maps
  • Free downloadable XMap tuning software

Because of the wide variety of aftermarket combinations, online orders are limited to the most popular models (only naturally aspirated engines supported online). Please contact us for other custom variations.

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