Custom Memcal L67


Plug-in exchange Memcal for Holden L67 engines.  Replaces the factory unit in the Engine Control Unit (ECU).  Corrects AFR’s and Enhances aftermarket modifications.

Your ECU / Memcal code can be found on the outside of the ECU case or on the Memcal itself (see images).


Upgrading the factory ECU, as opposed to the use of an aftermarket ECU, means that all of the nice “factory” drivability is retained, particularly on light throttle and highway cruise, delivering the best all round result in performance and economy.

Designed as a direct plug-in tuning solution for the factory DELCO ECU.  Our Custom Memcal is supplied with tuning to suit your individual car and it’s modifications.

We have built a library of over 6500 dyno based tunes to support engine modifications such as pulley upgrade, camshaft, head porting, manifold or fuel injector upgrades, recalibrate transmission gear shift points (VR-VT only), cooling fan control and rev limiters.  Removal of the vehicle anti-theft system (VATS) to bypass the body control module for engine conversions is also available.

Note.  Our Custom Memcals are supplied on an exchange basis.  Online orders will not be sent without first receiving an exchange Memcal in good condition. For accurate tuning, please download our ORDER FORM and include it with your exchange Memcal.

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Programming Options

NO VATS, HP2, Custom