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Subaru WRX GD

WRX EJ205 TD04 Throttle Cable (01 – 05)

Option 1: Ezy-FLASH Pro

Adds approx 15kW / 65Nm (14%) peak power at the wheels. Peak torque is made 700rpm earlier.

Option 2: Exhaust with Ezy-FLASH Pro

Adds approx 30kW / 110Nm (26%) peak power at the wheels.
We recommend the Invidia Q300 Turbo Back System. They are well made, fit nicely and have a weighty note without being too loud.

Option 3: Turbo, Exhaust and Ezy-FLASH Pro

Adds approx 60kW / 130Nm (48%) peak power at the wheels. Torque and Power is stronger higher in the rev range.
We generally recommend the VF34 for the 2.0L. It’s a proven turbo choice that has a good street power band. With this level of modification (and age of the car), it’s a good idea to upgrade the fuel pump at the same time.