Stage 1 Upgrade Kit (FG XR6 Turbo)


The Stage 1 kit is the perfect first step for the FG XR6 Turbo.  It gives a good power and torque increase by itself and lays a good platform if future modifcations are planned.  The Stage 1 tune will make approximately 100-120Nm and 30-40kW peak gain at the wheels over the stock car.

The Kit includes:

  • 1 x SCT X4 Ford Flash Tuner.
  • 6 x Genuine Bosch 968 Injectors.
  • 1 x CNC alloy Fuel Rail Spacer Kit.
  • Performance Tune to suit 968 injectors, 98Octane fuel.

Note: Parts only, installation not included.

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Product Information

SCT X4 Flash Tuner

The latest SCT X4 Flash Tuner available for Ford BA – FG models.  The X4 can store tunes for use with different fuel types, boost levels, rev limits and modifications to allow greater customisation for the end user.

Bosch 968 Injectors

Full size injector upgrade for the FG XR6T to support up to 500Hp/375kW (approx@engine  w/98Octane).  In our experience, the 968’s work better than the 3/4 size direct replacements.  They allow for added boost pressure and top end power while retaining the low rpm and part throttle drivability that some larger/oversized injectors can’t provide.

Fuel Rail Spacers

Designed to allow full length injectors to be used with the standard fuel rail while maintaining the Bosch 2 Pin plug without the use of plug adapters.  The CNC’d spacer kit ensures the standard fuel rail is installed at the correct height and prevents bending or bowing of the rail on installation (crucial to avoid fuel leaks).

ChipTorque Performance Tune

Customised tune to match the Stage 1 Kit and 98 Octane fuel.


For accurate tuning, please include the VIN and Tear Tag Code (on the “A” pillar, driver’s side near the door hinge) in “Order Notes” on the Checkout page.

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