SCT X4 Ford Flash Tuner


We have the latest SCT X4 Ford Flash Tuner available for Ford BA – FG models.  The X4 can now store up to 10 aftermarket tunes for use with different fuel types, boost levels, rev limits and modifications to allow greater customisation for the end user.

Note: For accurate tuning, please include the following details in “Order Notes” on the Checkout page. 

  • For BA Falcon please provide the VIN and PCM Code from vehicle ECU (engine bay, passenger side near strut tower).
  • For BF – FG Falcon please provide the VIN and Tear Tag Code (on “A” pillar on driver’s side near door hinge).
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More Information

With full control of the factory engine management system we can adjust parameters including fuel, timing, variable cam timing, idle, limiters including speed and revs and transmission line pressure in 4 speed autos.  We also offer optional transmission tuning for the ZF 6 speed.

We have tune files also available for use with existing SCT devices (X3 or later models), even if you didn’t originally purchase from ChipTorque.  These can be supplied by email or loaded at ChipTorque.

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