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B. Adjustment (if required)

If a scan tool is available:

Ensure the IAC has been reset, either by disconnecting the ECU and following the method above, or using the “IAC
Reset” function on the scan tool.
Adjust the base idle set screw to achieve a stable idle of 30-50 IAC Steps at “Hot Normal Idle” in Park/Neutral with no A/C or other applied loads.

If no scan tool is available:

Make small incremental adjustments as required with ignition OFF and allow the idle to relearn each time as described above.

As a guide: With the IAC passage fully blocked off (temporarily, with tape or a finger) the idle screw should be set to achieve an idle approximately 50-100RPM less than the “Desired Idle” speed set in the Chip; (call ChipTorque with your Chip Serial Number for application specifics if you are not sure).