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Test Mode Switch Assembly

For Subaru – MY01-07

The Test Mode Switch Assembly (TMSA) makes reflashing of Subaru (MY01-07) vehicles easier by making the Test Mode Connectors (TMCs) more accessible. The TMSA is supplied as a stand-alone cable assembly in Ezy-FLASH Pro kits for appropriate Subaru models.

It is critical that this cable is securely tied out of the way of pedals and other operating mechanisms. Obstruction of interference to any of the vehicle’s mechanisms, including the driver’s feet / body, may result in injury or death. ChipTorque is not responsible for any incident relating to the installation or use of the TMSA.

Connect the TMSA connectors to the corresponding green TMCs in the car (2 connectors that look similar to the TMSA connectors, except green in colour). These connectors will be on one of the main wiring harnesses under the dash just near the top of the brake or clutch pedals. From factory the TMCs may be tied up with tape to the main wiring loom; remove this tape. Use cable ties to secure the TMSA spare cable to nearby wiring harnesses and/or structures. We often leave the switch end of the TMSA in the coin compartment to the right of the steering wheel for easy access to change maps with the Ezy-FLASH Pro.

Some Subaru models may have additional sets of connectors and require connection of the other two connectors attached to the TMSA. Which connectors are used is dependent upon the year and model of the vehicle. Your vehicle may have either or both connectors or it may have neither of these connectors. If your model uses them, these will also need to be permanently connected to perform the ECU flash procedures. These additional connectors will fit the matching set exactly. If you are unsure, contact us or a Subaru Technician for further clarification.

Most Subaru vehicles have only a single set of Green TMCs located under the dashboard. However, some models have a duplicate set of TMCs is fitted either behind the driver’s side kick panel (to the outside) or in the passenger foot well (toward the back, often tucked behind the ECU cover plate BEWARE SHARP EDGES). In the case where 2 TMCs are available, permanently connect one set together (usually the set beside the ECU), and connect the TMSA connectors to the second set.

To test the installation is correct and complete:

  1. Set the TMSA switch to ON (white dot pressed in). Turn on the ignition without starting the engine. If the TMSA installation is successful, the MIL/CEL on the dash will flash, and the engine fans will cycle ON/OFF. If this does not happen, check if your vehicle has a second set of TMCs, as described below. With the TMSA switch set to OFF (white dot out), the vehicle should turn start and run as per normal and the MIL/CEL switches OFF as normal.
  2. Perform the “Test ECU Connection” with the Ezy-FLASH Pro in Menu 6. If the Ezy-FLASH can correctly communicate and identify the ECU’s Cal Code, then all the necessary connections have been made correctly.